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Brand Design & Strategy

We will build a brand that will make your business or organization stand out. It should not exhaustive,  expensive or overwhelming.

Social Media Management

A community manager will be assigned to your project to make sure your brand is well know thru out your social media account.

Audience Analytics

Knowing who you are dealing with is important. We will help you analyze your stats to better target the audience that matters to your business

Mobile Apps

Connectivity is cheap, people are going mobile. Make sure they find you on every platform. We build beautiful, intuitive and responsive applications.

Live Streaming

Stream all your events, live streaming grows your audience because the internet is an immeasurably large place. People want to view it now.

Team Training

To increase productivity and adherence to quality, we will train your team to use every beautiful thing we built for  your company.

Website Development

We build interactive, responsive and intuitive website. Your presence on the web should not be left to chance. Let us do the heavy lifting and driver the best.


IPTV is the future of Television. Deliver your content over the internet and reach millions of viewers without spending the price tag for satellite.

Our recent work!

For the first time in West Africa, Bichri Technologies worked with CICES to allow thousands of people to watch it live from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm local time. This allowed consumers from all over the country and the sub-regions to participate in the Trade Fair without setting foot in the premises of CICES. The success of e-Fidak has seen the birth of another way to organize your, e-Event. live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience. It makes your audience feel inclusive and exclusive simultaneously.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Mobility is the name of the game! We design beautiful, intuitive and responsive. Your audience is on the move, make sure you put your content or message into their hands. Your company deserve a trustworthy and qualified team that can amplify your success. Bichri Technologies will not spare any effort to make happen.  


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